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Rob Dick - Master Instructor

Master Instructor and the Director of Bail Education Association

ROB DICK brings over 34 years of combined law enforcement, private investigations, multi-million dollar bail bond company owner and private bail contract enforcement to the bail education program.  Many bail bond company owners consider Rob to be one of the most successful bounty hunters actively working in the country today.  He is a national speaker and guest of conventions throughout the bail bond industry.  His exceptional success rate of closing cases through location and capture of defendants, preparing and appearing in court on bail bond motions and advising bail bond companies and sureties have made him a leader in this industry.  His successful closure rate of thousands of cases handled liability-free while saving bail bond companies millions of dollars, sets him apart from all other instructors in the bail industry.  His career has taken him to all 50 states and some US territories to close cases as well as participating in the extradition process of fugitives from several foreign countries. 

Rob has participated in the formulation, assistance  and passing of legislation for the bail bond industry.  His advanced study and understanding of the law has assisted him in achieving one of the highest success rates for closing cases.  Through the preparation of court moving papers, appearing in court and overcoming oppositions from county counsels or prosecuting agencies, his motions have been granted and the bail bonds exonerated.

Rob began his teaching career as a guest speaker and instructor with bail education providers throughout California.  Soon Rob was approached by several individuals wanting to use his unique instructional style to develop improved training systems for the bail industry.    Seeing firsthand what the other providers were lacking in their course instruction,  Rob has taken his knowledge and unique style of teaching to a much higher level. 

Bail Education Association

“Where real world experience meets state-of-the art training.”

This information is not available with any other bail education provider.  The bail bond industry is constantly evolving.  Only professionals that continue to thrive daily in this industry can provide the most up-to-date training and tactics, ever-changing legislation, court case decisions and industry-specific needs.  You’ve heard the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach?”  Well Rob Dick is a teacher that DOES!

Bail Education Association

His training classes and expertise have appeared in television shows all over the world:

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Airing in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia:

National Geographic Documentary - "Bounty Hunters: Sacramento, California"

Bounty Hunters - National Geographic


Narrated by Val Kilmer

National Geographic four part mini series - "Inside Bounty Hunters"

Bounty Hunters On The Run
Bounty Hunters Cat and Mouse
Bounty Hunters Manhunt
Bounty Hunters Trouble in Paradise

                        "On the Run"   "Cat & Mouse"      "Manhunt"   "Trouble in Paradise"

Airing in the United States:

Discovery Channel’s - "Secrets of Bounty Hunting"

Real TV - The Godfather of Bail


Airing in Canada:

"TV Made Me A Bounty Hunter"

Airing in Holland:


Airing in France:

"Wanted: Recherche mort ou vif"

"Chasseurs De Primes: Le Grand Business Des Fugitifs"

"Fugitifs: Ces Criminels Qui Nous Fascinent"

Bail Education Association

His training classes and expertise have appeared in the news:

Fox News Live:

Chico channel 12 News:

Bail Education Association

He has been involved in nationally televised cases: 

The Caylee Anthony murder investigation

Rob Dick Transporting Casey Anthony
Rob Dick on Dr. Phil

                        Transporting Casey                              Appearing on Dr. Phil

In Session on TruTV

The Wes Shermantine and Loren Herzog serial murder investigation

On Fox 40

Also appearing on:

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Appearing in print world wide:

In 2009 Rob Dick was interviewed for the book: “Risky Living” Interviews with the brave men and women who work the world’s most dangerous jobs”  Risky Living is a fascinating collection of candid and intimate conversations with forty-five men and women who describe, in gripping detail, how physical risk is a familiar companion in their working lives, and how they deal with it.

Canada Magazine:

UK Magazine:



World Famous Bounty Hunter - Rob Dick


   CA Licensed Private Investigator PI 21921
   Professional Investigators of California

            Vice President 2015

            2nd Vice President 2014

            Capitol District Director 2011 - 2013, 2016

   NV Licensed Bail Enforcement Agent 579222
   Instructor for CDI Approved Courses:

            Bail Agent Licensing and

            Bail Agent Continuing Education

            Bail Agent CEW Advanced Training

   TASER International, Inc. Certified Instructor
   CA DOJ Firearms Safety Certified Instructor 107707
   Arrest & Control Instructor
   Law Enforcement Pistol/Rifle Instructor
   Center-Axis-Relock Firearms System Trainer
   NRA Firearms Instructor 174762322
   Florida & Utah Concealed Carry Instructor I102094
   Licensed Locksmith LCO 4892
   Surety Bail Bond Auditor

California Bail Education School Instructor

“If my name is attached to your training - you will not fail.”

                           Rob Dick

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