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Not Only does Bounty Hunters capture the excitement and intrigue that comes along with the location and arrest of wanted and sometimes dangerous fugitives, it also uncovers the human drama found in the lives of the two men as they perform at the highest level in their chosen industry. From their first success, to the dramatic break in their relationship, Bounty Hunters brings a cinematic feel to the documentary form that cannot be missed.


They give Leonard that file, give him seventy-two hours, and he gets results. That's the difference, he's the real deal. But when the piles of fugitive files start stacking up on Leonard's desk, he knows it is time to call Rob Dick. This team will work on the cases as they come down the line, if Leonard and Rob can't find and arrest these fugitives, no one can. Follow along as the team locates and arrests three wanted individuals; chasing them down side streets and following one trail from California all the way to Oklahoma.



From a fugitive's friend who runs out the back of a house to create a diversion, to a confrontational man who threatens the team at the door of a bust, to a skip whose drug habit makes her difficult to catch up with; Rob, Leonard, and the team members Kevin, Art and Steve handle these cases professionally and diligently, getting the job done despite some very unique challenges.


These men prove once again that fugitives who hide under tables, in small bathrooms, and sprawl out on kitchen floors are no match for the best bounty hunters in the nation. On the docket: A Sacramento fugitive whose boyfriend recently burglarized Leonard's office, and a Reno fugitive with "nothing to lose."


With little time before bond companies must fork over thousands of dollars to the court, Leonard and Rob meet team members Kevin, Art, and Steve in Hawaii in an attempt to nab their second fugitive in one clean sweep. But when their plans on the island are exhausted they must quickly adapt.


Get all four Bounty Hunters DVD set in one package.  You get:

Episode 1 - On The Run

Episode 2 - Cat and Mouse

Episode 3 - Manhunt

Episode 4 - Trouble in Paradise



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