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ARMA 100

The ARMA 100 provides the less option for stopping threats from a safe distance without causing life threatening injury.  Highly effective, versatile, and economical.  The design concept was conceived with the goal of providing law enforcement, security, bail agent and bail recovery/bounty hunting with a highly effective device, while reducing the negative impact on public safety. 

The ARMA 100 uses nitrogen to launch a variety of payloads. Simple and easy to use, The ARMA 100 has no significant recoil or kickback. The ARMA 100 is equipped with two safety features: a standard mechanical safety feature as well as a cocking mechanism designed to make operation difficult for a child. The ARMA 100 is the NEW DEFINITION in less-lethal weapons today.  Authorized dealer.



In our line of work we constantly encounter aggressive dogs. The Dazer II is technically advanced and durable by design.  By pressing the button the Dazer II emits a high frequency sound heard by dogs and cats, but is harmless and barely perceptible by humans.  The sound is physically harmless to animals when used properly, not for use on dogs and cats unnecessarily.



Most are able to offer an OC level of intensity ranging from .2% Major Capsaicinoids to 1.3% MC. The variations in the MC% means that you can now select the level of intensity of OC for the environment required. We use independent laboratory testing to ensure consistent quality of each product.

Formulation Weight: 1.47 oz.

Delivery System: Stream.



BlackHawk LE Duty Gear Chem Agent - Medium (MK3) BlackHawk Law Enforcement Duty Gear Chem Agent Pouch.

Holds MK3 size chemical agent canister.

Snap closure, nylon with belt loop

(spray not included)



Here find educational items and products that have been personally field tested by Rob Dick.

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